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– Each brand we work with is unique –

For the 2021 campaign we freshen the communication with a new concept and strategy, by that we were able to identify the real digital audience of the brand.



The GMS company launched its new product, a thermo muscular activator , using mainly social networks to communicate and the actions of micro influencers to increase the number of followers and the recognition of the product.



We were able to get to 431000 people connecting them to real situations streamed by micro influencers. To achieve these goals we programmed live sessions in many profiles of mothers chatting about entrepreneurship, wellness and family. In addition, through those profiles we delivered products in the community to increase the knowledge of the brand.



The brand wanted to gain visibility and notoriety in the youth market, communicating and presenting a brand that is part of the history and tradition of Guatemala. Using social networks we accomplish creating an active and modern community  which wants and uses the products of the brand.

This is a top-of-mind product and brand in Guatemala, through the social media  we addressed to a young skater, a sportsman and a new mother and made them know an effective solution to cold, congestion or some other use recommended by grandma. Updating tradition!



With the intention of increasing visibility and proximity between the brand and his followers, we developed the GMS website achieving a great acceptance and an excellent positioning in the browsers, facilitating contact with the community.

With the client we worked through social networks with the goal of getting leads month by month, in addition we developed a personal ecommerce in order to address the leads to a robust website that facilitates brand sales. 


¡Todo lo encuentras en HD!

It’s a new brand focused on the possibility for the children to get the benefits of multivitamins and supplement their nutrition. Managing their social networks we could position the product and make it easier for moms to get access to the product. As a result we achieve the increase of a community of customers and by analyzing the data we act to boost their profiles month by month. 

We determined the need of channels or tools that allowed easily visualizing the benefits of the product and also communicating how to purchase it. By the social networks we achieved having a certain proximity with clients and new targets interested in the product. 


La marca Brasilera quería que su marca se reconociera en Guatemala en un target amplio con un perfil familiar, a través de redes sociales se logro que la marca incrementara las ventas a través de sus perfiles, direccionándolo a distribuidores locales.


We managed to administrate social networks of the entire Central America and we got to communicate the product proximity by using contents adapted to the country.